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Straight Edges and Assembly Straight Edges of Aluminium

with Hart-Coat-Coating ® (HC)

Aluminium Straight Edges are available in two types:

Lengths up to 6000 mm

I-section, lightweight and handy. Approximately the same deviation by own weight as the steel type. The weight by about 2/3 less compared to steel straight edges. With marked supporting points, HC-coated.

The mentioned tolerance classes according to DIN 874 Part 1 are only valid for the testing faces of aluminium straight edges.

Layer properties:
- high wear resistance
- high corrosion resistance
- excellent hardness, 500-550 HV
- good sliding and antifriction properties
- very good adherence to substrate
- temperature resistant up to 2200 K for short periods
- high electrical insulation 4.1015 W x mm2/m
- compatible with foodstuffs
- layer thickness 50 µm
- low thermal conductivity

Hart-Coat is a registered trademark of Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH, Kerpen - Germany.